• Find the puppy of your dreams

    With Tail Tales you’ll meet your four-legged buddy straight from the breeder, knowing the origin of the puppy, with a guarantee and with the certainty that your puppy comes from an ethical breeder that follows the relevant veterinary and hygiene principles.

    Puppies for sale
    Find the puppy of your dreams
  • Najděte své vysněné štěně 2

    2 Pořízení psího kamaráda je otázka pečlivého rozhodování. Pomůžeme vám vybrat si štěně, které zapadne do vaší rodiny a stane se nepostradatelným parťákem na celý život.

    Puppies for sale
    Najděte své vysněné štěně 2

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    • About us

      Our family has been breeding dogs for a very long time, so we are able to quickly advise you on which puppy would best fit your lifestyle. If the puppy does not originate from our premises, we will recommend a dog from a reputable breeder and one whom we have a personal connection with.

      About us
      About us
    • Our breeding dogs

      We prioritize ethical breeding, avoiding support for commercial facilities, and ensuring a happy life for every dog. Although our dogs lack pedigrees, they are purebred, meeting strict breed standards. We select animals for their beauty and essential characteristics. Rest assured, your dog from us will be an exceptional companion, despite the absence of a pedigree.

      Our breeding dogs
      Our breeding dogs
    • Supervision of health and animal welfare

      Our breeding program is supervised by the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic, specifically by the Regional Veterinary Administration for the South Moravian Region, based in Brno. We are subject to regular veterinary Animal Welfare inspections and checks to ensure that we comply with the conditions stipulated for exports to European Union countries and third countries.

      Supervision of health and animal welfare
      Supervision of health and animal welfare
    • Certificates

      We have all the necessary documents to breed and transport animals.  We have the breeding approval from the regional veterinary administration, a trade license, a certificate of qualification for animal transport, and a royal decree for export to Belgium.

    • Our philosophy

      We do not approve breeders who are not verified. Instead, we place a high priority on the welfare of dogs, and we thoroughly check all our external suppliers. Although the puppies do not have a certificate of origin, they meet the exact standards of the breed. You can visit the gallery to take a look at the puppies and both parents, or come see us in person.

      Our philosophy
      Our philosophy
    • Puppies in new homes

      We have been engaged in the work with the dogs for a considerable period of time. During this time, we raised and helped find a new home for a dozen animals. We are in touch with many new owners, and we care about where our puppies live, and we choose the new families carefully. 

      Puppies in new homes
      Puppies in new homes

    Puppies who found a good home

    Stories of dogs who already have a home

    • Mars
      Thank you for everything. Top quality in every expectation. We now have a beautiful perfect family dachshund. Very good service! Once again thank you for everything. If you are looking for a dachshund it’s a top address.
      Martin K.
    • Nanouk
      A very kind and professional dog breeder. He answers all questions patiently and quickly, is flexible in planning and not complicated at all. Furthermore, our Maltipoo puppy is in great health, has a happy, playful personality and seems to have been treated with love and care by the breeder. 100% recommend!
      Sarah Bhend
    • Ravioli
      The cooperation worked really well. The seller had been really nice and he was down to answer all of my questions. Our dog is happy and healthy! :)
      Marlene Wagenleitner
    • Nuris
      Great and responsible breeder, beautiful dogs.
      Lucie Šimková
    • Spike
      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua.
      Jana Nováková, Praha
    • Figaro
      So so happy with our puppy, we got a chocolate cocker spaniel. He is adorable, he is 7 months now and listen to us, almost clean, so sweet, very cuddly and good spirit. So happy to have our puppy in our life! Thank you again Josef.
      Sharon H.
    • Karel
      I already have one-year-old Karel from the breeder, who is absolutely amazing. He is a big family darling who has us all wrapped around his paw. 😃 I picked up Charlie in a beautiful new and clean environment. The breeder helpfully answered all my questions, he was very helpful with everything. Charlie is my first dog, so I was very grateful for his willingness. He still wonders how Karl is doing. ☺️
      Barbora Jelínková
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